September 1, 2020

Just stop it already, okay?

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"Stop WHAT, Korie?!"

That is probably the question you asked yourself before you even clicked to read this blog. There was probably also a mix of "Who does she think she's talking to?!" in there as well! It's okay. I understand, but I promise it isn't bad! Just hear me out. How many times have you looked at your partner/spouse and mentally said "We need some updated photos around the house" and then IMMEDIATELY after, your inner voice says "Yeah. We'll get some when I lose 15 pounds or when JimBob figures out what he wants to do with his hair". Or maybe you have looked at your human kids or fur kids and said "Wow! Look at how much they have changed! I haven't gotten pictures of them since they were babies!" But immediately you think "Well they probably wouldn't sit still for a camera. They are just too rambunctious right now. I'll wait until they're older. Plus who has time with school, errands, and all the other stuff going on!"


I want you to go find an old photo you absolutely love.

Look at it. But at this point, if you love it, you probably have it memorized. Take stock of the people in it. Are they perfectly coordinated? Was everyone's hair done? What about makeup? Is the scene aesthetically pleasing? If there are kids, are they truly all smiling? Does someone have something on their face? How about body shapes? Everyone a model? If you said no to 75% of these questions, then what is your excuse? Photos are the closest thing to a super power we have (besides the ability to throw processed cows milk, actual cows milk, various indigenous spices, and thinly rolled, cylindrical curved dough, into a pot and somehow magically create the wonder known as macaroni and cheese). They literally freeze moments in time that we will never get back.


Take the pictures.

You will never get this time back. So what Timmy doesn't smile for the camera? I bet he will smile when Dad makes a fart noise. Get that captured. So what your puppy is a little rambunctious! I bet she is the most loving thing when she is laying on your lap. Get that captured. You think you should lose the muffin top? Well I think your body has carried children, stories, battles, and victories. GET. THAT. CAPTURED. There will never be a perfect time. You will never have enough time. You will never find the perfect outfit. You will never have the right hair. It doesn't matter because time never stops. Why not commemorate THIS moment at THIS time? Because when you are 60, 70, 80 years old, how much will you trust your memories? Will your great grandchildren be able to see pictures of you at their age? What will you leave your family to remember you by? Hopefully not just the words "We were going to get them done but it was never the right time." It is my hope you leave them with images. Life filled, love driven, messy, joyful, and amazing images for years to come.

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